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Welcome To Ear Training Online!

The subject of ear training, in my experience, often attracts words like "boring", "repetitive" and "unnecessary".
That's a shame, because nothing could be further from the truth.
In today's ear training online world there is a smorgasboard of tools available (most of them on this website) and most of them make ear training exciting, full of variation, affordable (or free) and very easy to use.
If you are having trouble understanding or hearing any of these:

Scales, Intervals, Chords, Rhythms, Reading Notes or Music Theory

you need to spend regular short and focused time with one of the ear training programs on this site.
What exactly is ear training?

Ear training is not so much about the ear, the actual sense organ, but the ability of the brain to perceive a musical sound, to analyze and understand it and then either reproduce it via the voice (or an instrument) or name it through language.

So, please have a browse through the ear training software & books on the left, or the variation of helpful tips, audios, videos and articles on the right and learn to experience music from the inside.

For your convenience, here is a summary of all my:

Ear Training Online Software

(part 1)

Product Name Training Features Operating System Down Load Multi Language School Version
a) Paid Ear Training Software          
Auralia All Win/Mac Yes 2 Yes
Big Ears Many Win/Mac Yes No No
Earmaster Pro 6 All Win/Mac Yes 18 Yes
Earope Most Win Yes No Yes
Ear Power Many Win Yes 6 No
Guitar & Bass Ear Trainer Most Win Yes No No
MacGamut 6 Many Win/Mac No No No
Musical Ear All Win/Mac Yes 2 Yes
Perfect Pitch Ear Training Most Win/Mac No No No
Practica Musica All Win/Mac Yes No Yes
Theta Music Trainer All All N/A 3 Yes
b) Free Ear Training Software          
Ear Toner Most Java Yes No No
Free Online Ear Trainer Many All Yes No No
Functional Ear Trainer Most All Yes 7 No
GNU Solfege All Win/Mac Yes No No
Good Ear Many All No No No
Tete Some Java Yes No No

(part 2)

Product Name Trial Demo Price Range Short Comment More Info
a) Paid Ear Training Software        
Auralia Yes $100-500+ Great Read More
Big Ears Yes $20 OK Read More
Earmaster Pro 6 Yes $30-3000 Fantastic Read More
Earope Yes $47-150+ Very good Read More
Ear Power Yes $25 Good Read More
Guitar & Bass Ear Trainer Yes $50 Very good Read More
MacGamut 6 Yes $40 Average Read More
Musical Ear Yes $109+ Complete Read More
Perfect Pitch Ear Training MBG* $159-219 Good Read More
Practica Musica Yes $45-850 Great Read More
Theta Music Trainer Yes $7.95-199 Unique Read More
b) Free Ear Training Software        
Ear Toner No Free Yeah! Read More
Free Online Ear Trainer No Free Average Read More
Functional Ear Trainer No Free Very good Read More
GNU Solfege No Free Very good Read More
Good Ear No Free Just OK Read More
Tete No Free Average Read More

(*MBG = Money Back Guarantee)

This site was last updated on December 08, 2015

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