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EarMaster App For iPad

Just when you thought that the booming iPad market for ear training software could not get anymore cluttered, along comes a cool just released version by one of the giants among creators of software for music students.
EarMaster ApS has just released the iPad version of their flagship product EarMaster Pro 6.1 and the great news is that the base option is FREE.

The free download includes Interval and Chord Identification, 2 simple starting points to whet your appetite and allow you to get a feel for how easy this gadget is to work with.
To save you having to buy the whole app, EarMaster have cleverly divided the rest of the ear training/sight singing/rhythm training content into very affordable chunks or In-App Bundles (US$ 1.99 to 19.99) (see features below)

The EarMaster App for iPad has sofar been translated into 5 languages with more to come.

Features of the EarMaster App for iPad:

  • Beginners Course (mainly basic rhythm orientated exercises)
  • General Workshops (intervals, chords, scales, rhythm & melodies including singing via the iPad microphone)
  • Vocal range setting. (all lessons adapt to your range)
  • Jazz Workshops (chord identification & progressions, rhythms, melodies with sight-singing exercises all geared towards the student of Jazz)
  • Customised Exercises allow you to create a huge range of activities focusing on specific areas.
  • Choose from a large variety of instruments to play questions.
  • Clear instructions how to use each exercise
  • Tap your answers on the on-screen keyboard or prepared space for rhythm clapping.
  • Plug in mic (if necessary) or MIDI controller to answer exercises.
  • All exercise results and progress availalble in the Statistics pages.
  • Free support and How-To videos.
  • Works with EarMaster Cloud for schools.

While there are a few minor hiccups in this early stage of EarMaster for iPad, this software, just like "big brother" for desktop, is very hard to fault.

TIP: When tapping the keyboard to answer questions make sure to touch the key in the middle (not towards the bottom) as it can result in a silent note (no playback).
Your answer still appears on the staff but no sound is heard which can be off-putting.


Basic download w. 2 start-up items: Free
All General Workshops Bundle: US$ 19.99
All Customised Exercises Bundle: US$ 14.99
All 219 exercises for Beginners: US$ 5.99
Jazz Chord Progressions: US$ 2.99
All 9 Jazz Course Exercises: US$ 12.99
Plus other separate items

Top shelf App for any music student!
With the built-in singing features, A MUST-HAVE!


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rating 4.5

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