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Auralia is an ear training product by the Australian music software manufacturer RisingSoftware.

Version 4 for Windows & Mac is a brand new release with many new features and a redesigned interface.

It is a fully featured ear training program that covers all levels of learning from beginner right through to advanced.

It is sold in 3 versions:

  1. Single User
  2. Educational, 5-User Lab Pack, or
  3. Multi User License for educational institutions.

You can download a free trial which has no time limit but restricted use.

Some of the features:

  • Hundreds of graded exercises with instant feedback, 41 topics covered
  • Play or sing your answers (midi keyboard or microphone), great for getting that voice in tune
  • Automatically marks exercises which means students can use it on their own, freeing up teacher time
  • Multiple choice answers for some tests to speed up learning
  • Print records and results & customize your level
  • On screen help with music examples
  • Identify & sing intervals, and notes from chords
  • Melodic and rhythmic dictation
  • Identify cadences
  • Recognize and correct poor tuning
  • Sing upper or lower part of a two-part phrase
  • Write down chord progressions
  • Covers classical, rock and jazz styles


Single User Student: US$ 99
Single User Professional: US$ 149
5-User Lab Pack: US$ 499
Multi Seat License: US$ 499 + price per seat

Overall an awesome product, highly recommended.


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rating 4.5

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