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Peterson BBS-1 Wireless Pulsating Metronome

BBS-1 metronome

The ONLY Metronome That Delivers The Beat To The BODY

When studying music, the next important thing after good pitch is a strong sense of time

As a matter of fact, it is my experience, that time is an even bigger problem for music students than pitch.

What is undisputed is this: To be a successful musician, you need both.

So, let me ask you a couple of questions:

Where do you think that uncanny sense of time comes from?

The answer is:

It comes from the soul, the heart, the brain, in other words: the INSIDE!

And how does the "old fashioned" metronome deliver the time?

Through your eyes and ears, from the outside.

Similar to perfect pitch, some people are born with a natural sense of time, but most have to learn it.
It therefore makes sense, that if you have to use a metronome to teach you time, you might as well use the one that delivers it where you most need it.

More reasons why you need to consider the Peterson BBS-1 BodyBeat:

  • The "common" metronome forces you to listen to the click (if you are an auditory person), when you should be focusing completely on your sound. Therefore your attention is always in "split" mode.
  • That same metronome makes you look at the blinking light (if you are a visual learner), when your full attention should be on reading the music. Again, divided focus.
  • With the BodyBeat the time/beat is delivered silently to your body via the attached Vibe Clip, you therefore feel it on the inside.
  • The visual and auditory channels of your learning experience are suddenly free of clutter. Imagine the potential of this on your music studies.
  • Professional players: throw away your headphones and problems associated with using clicks in recording situations, whether you are a solo artist or conducting a band or orchestra.
  • The new BBS-1 Sync allows an unlimited number of performers - each with a BBS-1 - to feel the same beat through wireless connectivity.
  • Use a "Tempo Map" (free application from the Peterson website) to store the tempo variations from a whole score in the BBS-1.
  • FCC approved. No interference when used by multiple groups in the same area.
  • Use the audible click or blinking light if you prefer.
  • Output for headphones or PA system.
  • Pocketsize design.
  • Backlit, high-contrast LCD display.
  • Tempo tap lets you enter the beat on-the-fly.
  • Audio Tuner built in, 7 octave full chromatic range, adjustable concert "A", speaker and volume control.
  • More data and features of the BBS-1 Sync can be accessed HERE


USA & Canada: US$100.98
United Kingdom: (£104.41)
Australia: AU$150+

Certainly not the cheapest metronome on the market.
But can you afford to watch & hear the beat


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Use these links to order the BodyBeat Metronome
Peterson BodyBeat BBS-1 Sync Single & Group User
USA & Canada
Australia You can order/purchase the BBS-1 only from these music stores:
In Sydney: Pro Guitar and Sound and Wild Horse Guitars
In Melbourne: Deluxe Guitars
In Perth: Concept Music

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