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If you prefer to improve your listening skills from books and DVD's or CD's, this page contains the top rating Ear Training Methods available in text form and on disk.

Beginning Ear Training (Book And CD)
By Gilson Schachnik
These time-tested exercises will help you to play by ear.
This book introduces the core skills of ear training.
Step by step, you will learn to use solfege to help you internalize the music you hear and then easily transpose melodies to different keys.
Learn to hear a melody and then write it down. Develop your memory for melodies and rhythms. Transcribe live performances and recordings.
Listening is the most important skill in music, and this book will help you to listen better.
Au$ 23.95
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Blues Guitar Ear Training Course
By Brad Davis
This double CD course is designed for any level, from beginner to advanced.
The first CD covers acoustic style blues and the second CD covers electric style blues.
It walks you through simple tried and true steps that will make training your ear a breeze!
You will learn to correctly hum acoustic and electric blues licks, memorize a variety of blues licks in several different key signatures, and transpose what you memorize into alternate key signatures.
Au$ 22.99
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Ear Training - Basic Instruction In Melody And Rhythm Reading
By Jorgen Jersild
This book is based on the principle that any one, wanting to play or sing music, will be better prepared for the task by first getting acquainted with the basic melodic and rhythmic patterns presented.
It will enable the pupil to fully understand the melodic and rhythmic texture of a piece of music before attempting to execute it.
The melodic and rhythmic problems are presented in a methodical, progressive way, very similar to the teaching of a language.
Au$ 60.99
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Ear Training: A Technique For Listening
By Benward/Kolosick
Ear Training w/Transcription CD - Combining a proven technique with an effective and easy-to-use supplements package, Ear Training: A Technique for Listening is the ideal text for college aural skills courses.
Its logical progression in the coverage of skills enables students to build gradually to full proficiency, while ensuring that material they learn early in the course remains fresh.
Its flexibility makes it equally effective in a lab-based course, in a instructor-guided setting, or in a course that combines the two.
Au$ 86.95
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Ear Without Fear Vol. 1
A Comprehensive Ear-Training Program For Musicians
By Charlotte Hale & Constance Preston
Ear Without Fear is an innovative program aimed at building a foundation for reading music and developing the skills to perform it accurately.
This step-by-step method offers demonstrations, listening exercises, sight singing, and melodic dictations to help students of any instrument reinforce and hone melodic skills.
The accompanying CD features over 90 exercises, recorded by real instruments. ©2006, Book & CD, 32 pages.
Au$ 21.95
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Ear Without Fear Vol. 2
A Comprehensive Ear-Training Program For Musicians
By Charlotte Hale & Constance Preston
Ideal for all instrumentalists and will work with any method.
Ear Without Fear, Volume 2 continues where Volume 1 left off, introducing the following concepts:
letter names and ledger lines;
treble and bass clefs;
sharps and flats; moveable Do;
intervals – 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and octaves; and more,
with demonstrations, exercises, and dictations covering the topics above.
Au$ 19.95
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Harmonic Ear Training (DVD)
By Roberta Radley
An excellent workshop from the assistant chair of the Ear Training Department at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.
This DVD is a vital intro to the topic for songwriters and performers looking to improve their listening skills and become better musicians.
You'll learn to: recognize chord progressions quickly and confidently, become a more analytical listener and apply this knowledge to all of your projects. ©2004, 73 minutes. DVD.
Au$ 29.95
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Listen And Sing Ear Training & Sight Singing
By David Damschroder
Listen and Sing: Lessons in Ear-Training and Sight-Singing, First Edition.
This text systematically develops the aural, vocal, and rhythmic skills of all music majors. Emphasizing analytical thinking over rote drill, the text enriches traditional exercises in singing and dictation with a variety of innovative lessons that enhance individual musical skills.
Au$ 124.95
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Performance Ear Training
By Advance Music
This is a real ear training method that presents in an organized fashion a collection of study concepts that help you develop a functional knowledge and physical sensitivity to progressions, tensions, scales, intervals, and melodies.
With clear step-by-step instructions all concepts are demonstrated live in real time by the author on the enclosed CDs.
Au$ 23.00
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Private Lessons Jazz Ear Training
By Steve Masakowski
Jazz Ear Training: Learning to Hear Your Way Through Music, focuses the student on developing the ability to hear and react to harmonic structures common to the modern Jazz idiom, while adhering to specific melodic phrases.
The book and recording include a variety of exercises derived from the major, harmonic minor, melodic minor and harmonic major scales and suggestions on how to play by ear.
It was designed with the intermediate to advanced Jazz student in mind who needs to enhance the connection between his inner voice and instrument.
It will also help the student "hear" what he may intellectually "know".
Though intended for guitarists, this book can serve the needs of any aspiring Jazz improviser.
A basic understanding of Jazz theory is recommended before using this book. Companion CD included. ©2004, 40 pages,
Au$ 26.99
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Strategies & Patterns For Ear Training
By Prentice Hall
Strategies and Patterns for Ear Training provides a concise step-by-step approach in aural training for music theory majors.
Material is organized and presented in a progressive arrangement, and the text offers valuable strategies to students and teachers.
As a comprehensive text for a two year music theory sequence, it presents methodical strategies and clear techniques that develop aural skills.
Every chapter follows the same basic organization, making it easy for students to learn. Strategy Sessions precede each exercise set and present step-by-step suggestions for approaching each type of problem.
Exercises begin with abstract fundamentals and progress to larger musical tasks. Each unit concludes with contextual problems utilizing musical examples from all styles.
Examples include excerpts from Music Literature as well as specially composed exercises. It includes an Audio CD-ROM with recordings of all the examples in the text and an Answer-Key Disc for students to check their work.
Au$ 109.95
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The "Real Easy" Ear Training Book
By Roberta Radley
By the Co-Chair of Berklee's Ear Training Department, this book is a guide to hearing chord changes for beginning to intermediate students no matter what your instrument or experience. It will help you know what the chord changes of a song are as they go by.
The musical examples used reflect most contemporary styles and you learn how to apply them to your own needs.
There are references to over 150 songs.
Other subjects covered are too numerous to include here.
This is also an invaluable guide text for Music Teachers who teach ear training. Book 168 pages & 2 CD's
Au$ 59.95
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