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If you prefer to improve your listening skills from books and DVD's or CD's, this page contains the top rating Ear Training Methods available in text form and on disk.

28 Basic Ear Training Exercises
By Priscilla LaMarca Kandel
Book/CD mainly aimed at singers. A collection of the best exercises with accompaniment to learn basic ear training and sight reading skills. Also recommended for any music student wishing to become more assured with singing.
$8.99 For the mp3 Album.
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Ear Training - For The Contemporary Musician
By Carl Schroeder, Joe Elliott, Keith Wyatt
A book & double CD pack by the Musicians Institute. It takes you step by step through their well-known ear training course.
Included are:
basic pitch matching • singing major and minor scales • identifying intervals • transcribing melodies and rhythm • identifying chords and progressions • seventh chords and the blues • modal interchange, chromaticism, modulation • and more!
Learn to hear and visualize on your instrument. Take that extra step to catapult your playing to greatness.
Over 2 hours of practice exercises – with complete answers in the back. ©2005, Book & CDs, 122 pages.
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Ear Training for the Contemporary Guitarist
By Jody Fisher
This book teaches you the basics of pitch discrimination and making fine distinctions between interval and chord types, scales and chord progressions.
Everything is set out in a useful workbook format with correct answers provided for all exercises. Exercises are shown in standard music notation and TAB.
The included CD contains all the examples played on guitar.
Book & CD: $15.97
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Ear Training for Improvisors
By Thomas Mason
A unique system of vocal, instrumental and written exercises, accompanied by a cassette tape, that enables the music student to dramatically improve the skills to hear intervals, chord sounds, chord progressions and the scale sources that are favored by today's top soloists.
Book & Cassette: $24.95
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Ear Training For Instrumentalists
By Matt Glaser
This is a unique ear training program for any musician who wants to sing or play anything he or she hears.
Through a progressive series of interactive exercises, you learn how to recognize pitches and intervals, repeat complex rhythms and play back musical phrases and complete solos – after only one hearing!
Beginners and professionals alike, regardless of instrument or style of music, will develop invaluable skills and expand their musical consciousness.
Six CDs and written material: $59.95
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Ear Training One Note Intermediate
Ear Training One Note Advance
By Bruce Arnold
This 3 Book/CD series is a perfect method to teach the student how to hear the way musical sounds are organized within a key.
Learn to hear which notes other musicians are playing, recognize key centres or the notes of a melody.
It is advisable to use these courses in sequence and build up your ability gradually through the 3 levels.
Audio CD: $15.99 or mp3 album: $7.99
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Ear Without Fear - Volume 1
Ear Without Fear - Volume 2
Ear Without Fear - Volume 3
By Charlotte Hale & Constance Preston
Ear Without Fear is an innovative sequence of programs aimed at building a foundation for reading music and developing the skills to perform it accurately.
Each volume flows naturally to the next, introducing easy to follow step-by-step concepts, and covering ear training and music theory in detail.
The 3 books are accompanied by a CD featuring exercises, recorded by real instruments.
Vol 1: $9.95 Vol 2: $9.95 Vol 3: $11.99
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Essential Ear Training for Today's Musician
By Steve Prosser
The Berklee College of Music is known and respected throughout the world. In this comprehesive book the chair of the Ear Training Department has captured for the first time the college's unique method.
This course teaches musicians to hear the music they are seeing, notate their compositions or arrangements, develop their music vocabulary, and understand the sounds they are hearing.
The book features a complete course with text and musical examples, and studies in rhythm, sight recognition, sol-fa, and melody. 144 pages.
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Fanatic's Guide to Sight Reading and Ear Training
By Bruce Arnold
This ear training method is contextually based. It has been developed to teach the student how to hear the way musical sounds are organized within a key.
It bares no relationship to Interval Training. Fanatic's Guide differs from other sight singing methods in that it develops the ability to identify and name all twelve pitches within a key center.
Through this method a student gains the ability to identify sound based on it's relationship to a key and not the relationship of one note to another i.e. interval training as commonly taught in many methods.
The separately available book with the same title gives the student a combination of exercises to sight sing with the tracks on the CD. This CD/book method is a required text at the New York University and Princeton University Music departments.
Audio CD: $15.99
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Harmonic Ear Training DVD
By Roberta Radley
An excellent workshop from the assistant chair of the Ear Training Department at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.
This DVD is a vital intro to the topic for songwriters and performers looking to improve their listening skills and become better musicians.
You'll learn to: recognize chord progressions quickly and confidently, become a more analytical listener and apply this knowledge to all of your projects. ©2004, 73 minutes. DVD.
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Jazz Ear Training - Learning to Hear Your Way Through Music
By Steve Masakowski
Jazz Ear Training: Learning to Hear Your Way Through Music, focuses the student on developing the ability to hear and react to harmonic structures common to the modern Jazz idiom, while adhering to specific melodic phrases.
The book and recording include a variety of exercises derived from the major, harmonic minor, melodic minor and harmonic major scales and suggestions on how to play by ear.
It was designed with the intermediate to advanced Jazz student in mind who needs to enhance the connection between his inner voice and instrument.
It will also help the student "hear" what he may intellectually "know".
Though intended for guitarists, this book can serve the needs of any aspiring Jazz improviser.
A basic understanding of Jazz theory is recommended before using this book. Companion CD included. ©2004, 40 pages,
Book & CD: $17.95
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Jazz Ears - Aural Skills for Improvisers
By Thomas Mason
A fun and interesting guide to help you develop aural skills. Jazz Ears focuses on improving your ability to hear pitches, rhythms, melodies, and chord progressions, as applied to actual music in the jazz repertoire.
It will help you to hear music in your head from the written page, transcribe, sight sing, and improve your jazz phrasing and articulations.
The valuable lessons learned can be applied to any instrument or voice, not just in jazz, but useful in all styles of music. 144 pages.
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The "Real Easy" Ear Training Book
By Roberta Radley
By the Co-Chair of Berklee's Ear Training Department, this book is a guide to hearing chord changes for beginning to intermediate students no matter what your instrument or experience. It will help you know what the chord changes of a song are as they go by.
The musical examples used reflect most contemporary styles and you learn how to apply them to your own needs.
There are references to over 150 songs.
Other subjects covered are too numerous to include here.
This is also an invaluable guide text for Music Teachers who teach ear training.
Book 168 pages & 2 CD's: $29
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Voice Lessons To Go Volume 2: Do Re Mi Ear and Pitch Training
By Ariella Vaccarino
voice and piano teacher, opera singer
A fabulous CD for the ear training novice, especially if you're interested in improving your vocal confidence.
Aimed at singers, actors, dancers, but also very useful for instrumental musician who are looking to expand their ear training experience through the use of their voice.
Audio CD: $18.32 or mp3: 8.99
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