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On Ear Training And
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Can You Learn Perfect Pitch?
The debate "relative pitch vs perfect pitch" has kept the class rooms of music schools buzzing for years. It is one of those arguments that probably will never be resolved.
I think that is a good thing, because neither one of those internal musical gifts needs to get the upper hand and both have their deserved place in the minds of musicians on this planet.

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Relative Pitch Training
Just as humans cleverly relate a color to another or associate a new born baby's looks to the rest of the family, just as we connect the sound of a bird to its name we can easily learn relative pitch if we're shown the "how-to-steps".
The human ear is a tireless and patient absorber of information. Discover how to use it!

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How To Become A Better Musician
There are many ways to become a better musician. If you're truly keen to improve your musician ship, you must focus not just on theory, technique, repertoire and body awareness, but also keep your ears open to advice about the finer do's and don'ts from those who "have been there and done that".

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The Best Metronome For Learning Time
The main problem with the average metronome is that the music student has to either listen to it or watch it.
Anybody who is learning music and who's sense of time has got the hick-ups, should NOT have to concentrate on a ticking or blinking gadget that diverts their attention from.....

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The Circle Of Fifths Explained
My first discovery and explanation of the circle of 5ths diagram was about as exciting as an algebra table. Sure, it gives you the key signatures and the accidentals that belong to them.
But not until I discovered all the hidden treasures inside the circle of 5ths chart that I began to elevate it onto the pedestal it deserves to be.

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How To Transcribe Music With Ease
The automatic music transcription software has not arrived, but the main obstacles and annoyances of the transcriber of music have all but been removed by a clever and now very affordable piece of software. The endless rewind and guesswork have come to an end!

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Time In Music (and the leaf on the stream)
For the budding instrumentalist, time in music can be an obstacle. But instead of trying to unravel the difficulties of how to learn rhythm, why not discover how to be the leaf on the stream instead.
It leads to timeless revelations.

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Intervals Music And How To Learn Them Quickly
Struggling with intervals and how to name them? Well, it doesn't have to be "tearing your hair out" material if the subject is laid out into manageable chunks.
Start with the simple ones and, as the light goes on and with the help of a formula, become an "interval naming wizard" in no time.

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Ear Training Online, A Stuffy Old Affair?
Ear training online is in dire need of new ideas including games and today's technology. Is anybody bothering to blaze a new path?
This article shows who dares to innovate and how to take the "yawn" out of this important cog in music education.

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Ear Training Pitch Without A Hitch
Improving ones musical ear through ear training practice can be a daunting task especially if you're attempting to do it by yourself.
These ear training tips will help to point you in the right direction, clarify the steps to take and make your ear training pitch journey as smooth as possible.

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