Feel Free To Use The Information In These Pages
To Help You With Ear Training Practice
And Music Theory In General

This Is Some Of The Content In Tips 1 - 5:

  • Tip 1: How to test your musical hearing before you start and why singing is by far the best way to internalize pitch.
  • Tip 2: How to become a wizard with the humble Major Scale.
  • Tip 3: Use the major scale to easily understand and hear the 7 basic "inside" intervals and then progress to the "outside" ones with confidence.
  • Tip 4: How to learn to recognize the sound of chords.
  • Tip 5: How to play ear training games with your favourite music and use a free online tool to create a 3 part voice recording.
  • Tips 2-5: Lots of easy to understand explanations and audio examples to show you the way.

Plus These Valuable Music Theory Basics:

  • The Circle of Fifths explained.
  • Guide Tones, what are they and how to use them.
  • All Major Scales in detail.
  • All Major Scales Modes in detail.
  • Melodic Minor Scale Chart.
  • Diatonic & Chromatic Intervals Table.
  • The ultimate Intervals Name Finder.
  • A handy Chord Name Finder.
  • Diatonic Chord Progression.
  • Melodic Minor Scale Chords.

This is an ongoing project and there will be more interesting information for music students on a regular basis.

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