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EarMaster Pro 6.1 is the latest & most up to date product by the Danish software company EarMaster ApS.

This company has finally expanded what in my opinion is the most neglected part of just about all ear training tools available online: SINGING! (see features below)

It is a well known fact that the most direct path to internalising the musical experience of all beginning students, singers AND instrumentalists alike, is to vocalise.
Learn to sing in tune and the rest of music study has just become a whole lot easier.

Earmaster Pro 6 is the only ear training software that crosses international boundaries and is released in 18 languages.

There is a fully functional trial version for 7 days.

You can choose from 5 versions:

  1. EarMaster Essential 5 (a cost-efficient version with core features of Pro 6)
  2. EarMaster Pro 6 (for all musicians & music students)
  3. EarMaster 6 Teacher Edition (for music educators teaching at all levels)
  4. EarMaster 6 Lab Packs (for school networks, 5, 10, 30 or 100 computers)
  5. EarMaster Cloud (for integration between teachers & students at school and home)
         (sold as credits: 1 Cloud credit = 1 user/year, student or teacher)

Features of EarMaster Pro 6.1:

  • Melodic sight singing with instant feed back (microphone required)
  • Melodic imitation (sing or play back a musical phrase after hearing it)
  • New vocal range setting. (all lessons adapt to the range you set)
  • Over 2000 new lessons
  • New notation engine with 2 types of fonts
  • New answering interface: Solfege keyboard
  • Plus lots more new additions and improvements
  • Interval comparison
  • Interval & Chord identification +
  • Rhythm reading
  • On screen guitar, piano, bass, violin staff.
  • Built in metronome and guitar tuner.
  • Export/import results and assignments.
  • Free support.
  • The school versions (Lab Pack and Cloud) include extensive interaction possibilities with students.

With the essential program (V5) you miss out on these additional features:

    • Interval Singing,
    • Chord Inversion,
    • Chord Progressions,
    • Scale Identification,
    • Melodic Dictation,
    • Rhythm Imitation,
    • Dictation & Correction.

Mind you, what is included in the Essential version 5 is plenty to keep a beginner occupied.


EarMaster Essential 5 (download): US$ 25.04
Upgrade from 5 to 6: US$ 29.53
EarMaster Pro 6.1: US$ 54.57
EarMaster 6.1 Teacher: US$ 63.85
EarMaster 6.1 Lab Pack:
From US$ 169.58 (5 computers)
To US$ 1'091.44 (100 computers)
EarMaster Cloud:
From US$ 135.43 (20 Credits)
To US$ 2'731.44 (1000 Credits)

Top of the range, serious value for money.
With the new singing features, A MUST-HAVE!


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rating 4.5

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