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EarMaster Pro 6

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unique, clever & addictive


(paid software)

EarPower is a product by Fast&Soft Music Software

There are 6 different language versions and you can download a fully functional demo which gives you 7 uses before you need to buy your registration number.

This product is now quite a few years old and feels a bit out dated.

But, having said that, EarPower is reasonably priced and includes many features.

Various versions of the product are sold depending on which language you choose.

Here are some of the many features:

  • Use your voice if you have a microphone
  • Use the virtual piano or guitar on screen or a MIDI keyboard to input answers
  • Do pitch drills with any acoustic instrument
  • Test your rhythm skills
  • Learn to recognize chords or build your own depending on your musical style preferences
  • Gradually move up through levels of difficulty you chose or let the computer determine your skill level
  • Test yourself on Intervals, Rhythm, Melody and Chords


One-off purchase: US$ 25

Good value, good price.


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