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Ear Toner is a very handy free tool for beginners to practice ear training on intervals, chords, scales and identify in tune, flat or sharp tuning.

You have 2 options: practice and listen.

There is a settings page where you can personalise the program.

I found this software very easy to use and a lot of fun.

Depending on your computer set up you may have to download sounds separately but on my Mac setup it worked fine.

You can even choose from a whole set of midi instruments in the settings window.

Compared to some of the other free products this was a hassle free, easy download.

Good fun for ear training newbies


(out of 5 notes)

Rating 4 out of 5

download Ear Toner



The Free Ear Trainer claims that the diligent user will be able to play or sing simple melodies by ear after using the program for a few weeks.

This is mainly done by learning ascending and descending intervals appearing between 2 notes in melodies of a whole lot of songs.

They range from the Beatles, to West Side Story to the Classics. You can also add your own songs.

It tells you when you made a mistake and keeps score of hits and misses.

If you just want to practice diatonic intervals, you can disable the chromatic ones.

There is a help page, a volume control and a slider to adjust the speed of the questions.

Recent additions are a chord trainer and a practise scales feature.

What appeals to me about the free online ear trainer is the fact that you use it straight from the browser. No download required, just open the webpage and off you go.

This is a handy piece of software for the ear training beginner.


(out of 5 notes)

Rating 4 out of 5

visit Free Online Ear Trainer



Functional Ear Trainer was designed by software engineer and musician Alan Benbassat.
It is a well established and popular product, unfortunately for WIndows computers only.

The good news is that a test version 2 is now available for trial which runs on Mac and Linux as well.

You can choose from 3 levels: . Basic | 2. Advanced | 3. Guess The Key

In the basic level, the program will play a chord sequence to establish the key, then a random note. The student must guess what the pitch of the note is.

In the advanced version you'll hear 2 notes and the task is to name both notes and the interval between them.

After completing the basic and advanced levels, you can progress to "Guess the key" which, after you choose a note, plays a random cadence and the student has to guess the key.
To be able to dowload this 3rd step, you must make a donation.

Functional Ear Trainer comes with tutorials and support

Very well thought out, practical and different.


(out of 5 notes)

Rating 4.5 out of 5

download Functional Ear Trainer



Of the free ear training programs available, Solfege is well know to be the best.

It is easy to use and features the whole range of exercises for interval, chord, scales and rhythm training.

If you have a microphone you can sing the answers to interval and chord questions.
That in itself is a handy tool for singers and non singers as I believe strongly in vocalising answers especially for beginners.

There is a theory section which includes naming intervals and scales and, not surprisingly, training in solfege.

Under the miscellaneous pull down you'll find intonation, dictation and training on cadences amongst others.

When you have done enough practice you can test your knowledge and should you get lost, there is a handy help section.

The one issue I have with this software is that the download page is not very user friendly.
There are lots of versions, directions and geek talk which I found off putting.
I tried on 4 different occasions to download the Mac version without success.

Finally I fired up the old PC and presto, Solfege is now residing happily on it.

A very worthwhile product,
if you can find your way past the download page


(out of 5 notes)

Rating 4 out of 5

download Ear Toner



Good Ear is used straight from their rather basic website.

You can test your musical hearing on intervals, chords, scales and cadences.

For more advanced students there is a section on Jazz chords, a note location test and you can also hone your perfect pitch skills.

There are options to slow down the tempo of the samples, change their volume and choose a different instrument for play back.

Good Ear is quite easy to use and fun for a quick "test-your-ear" browse.

Basic, not very nice to look at, but useful if you're easily pleased.


(out of 5 notes)

Rating 3 out of 5

visit Good Ear



Tete is a basic ear training program that has been around for a while and seems to be a work in progress.

Thankfully downloading the product has been much improved.
The .jar file opens up in Windows and Mac quite easily.

Be sure to check out the "Read-Me" file before using Tete because you will need to look through the tutorial.

Ear training features are restricted to scales, intervals and chords and the playback sounds are a bit ringy.

OK for an ear training play-around


(out of 5 notes)

Rating 3 out of 5

download Ear Toner



Toned Ear comes up well in the free online ear training market.

A basic website with "How To Practice" instructions and plenty of graded exercises to help you get up to speed on Intervals, Chords, Scales and other aspects of honing your musical ear.
You can name how many quizes you wish to perform and at the end of each round you get a score of right/wrong answers.

A helpful and easy to use tool for online ear training.


(out of 5 notes)

3.5 stars

download Ear Toner

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