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The Guitar & Bass Ear Trainer aims to teach the level of musicianship that allows you to play anything that you think or hear.

It is sold online by SWREG.org, a company with an excellent name since 1987.

GBET is naturally designed for guitar and bass players but has settings that allow it to be used with other fretted instruments.

Included in the course are lessons and play-along exercises to improve your playing skills.

Take advantage of the free trial.

System requirements: Windoes XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95 or NT4 (all with sound card).

Some of the features:

  • Interval, position and scale intensive drills
  • Lick and custom lick exercises
  • Use with any fretted instrument from 4 - 7 strings and any tuning
  • Left hand support and other fretboard view options
  • Real time staff view to improve your sight reading skills
  • Choose a variety of instruments for realistic play-along
  • Power training
  • 1 year money back guarantee
  • Unlimited free upgrades and support


Professional: US$ 49.95

A great investment for fretboard instrument players
who want to sharpen their ears and playing skills


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rating 4

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