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Musical Ear has been around for a while in Swedish but was only recently translated into the English language.

It is a product designed by 2 experienced music theory lecturers at Malmö Academy of Music, Sweden.

Musical Ear is probably the most complete ear training program on the market, aimed at the serious music student who is ready for a comprehensive variety of ear training tools and who is also prepared to make a reasonably high financial investment.

Some possible negatives:

1. Due to the many songs files included in the program the download file is large (1.19GB on my computer)
2. To be able to interact with Musical Ear you need have a version of the Sibelius music software on your computer. Most exercise files are linked to it.

Musical Ear is sold in 3 versions:

  1. Single User
  2. Student Version, or
  3. Multi User License for class room studies.

You can download a limited version as a free demo which expires after 30 days.

Some of the features:

  • 200 exercises covering the main topics of melody, rhythm & harmony
  • Includes general music theory with a handy built in dictionary
  • Instruction in arranging voice leading and composing
  • Learn from a large variety of musical styles presented in the form of original compositions by the 2 creators of Musical Ear
  • Exercises graded into 3 levels, from beginner to advanced
  • Sight and choir singing come in the form of "music minus one" and need no microphone. (you must be able to pitch accurately to do these)
  • Learn the basics of Sibelius while doing ear training and theory exercises
  • Become efficient at music notation through "hands on" exercises
  • Many of the built in compositions are available as scores
  • Includes many useful piano accompaniments
  • Composing, style and instrumentation tips
  • Access to a vast reference library through online links
  • Well organized support and FAQs


Single User: US$ 156
Student Version: US$ 109
Multi User License: US$ 156/licence, discounts available

A very complete ear training program with a difference.
Perfect for classroom teaching and the
music student who likes "hands on".


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rating 4.5

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