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The Perfect Pitch Ear Training Super Course was created by David Lucas Burge and claims to be the number 1 world best selling ear training method for 28 years for all musicians of all instruments.

It states that anybody can learn perfect pitch!

My experience in over 40 years of professional music (teaching, writing & playing) tells me that a very big percentage of music students out there have less than relative pitch and could do with ear training lessons.

Then there is a much smaller percentage who have good or very good relative pitch. I include myself in this category.

The perfect pitch group I believe is tiny.

Most members of this group were born with this amazing talent and some have got there by diligently working their way up from relative pitch.

One of my friends who was born with perfect pitch, actually quite often cursed her good fortune because when she was teaching or playing with "lesser" mortals, any out of tune playing turned out to be a pain in the ear.

So, I therefore take the Perfect Pitch Super Course's claim to be able to teach anybody perfect pitch with a grain of salt.

Anyway, this training program comes in 2 parts:

  1. Perfect Pitch Ear Training
  2. Relative Pitch Ear Training

This course is sold on CD's only and can be shipped word wide (rates range from $10 to $35, depending on where you live on the planet).

Some of the features:

Relative Pitch Course:

  • 41 personalized power lessons on 41 CDs over 5 levels & footnote booklet
  • 90 day no risk money back guarantee
  • Intervals and interval singing
  • Grand round ear-opening technique
  • Major, minor and advanced chords
  • Chord inversions & arpeggios
  • Scales and the cycle of fifths
  • No music note reading skills required

Perfect Pitch Course:

  • 24 lessons on 8 CDs & handbook
  • 40 day no risk money back guarantee
  • Course content unknown


Relative Pitch: US$ 219
Perfect Pitch: US$ 159
Or pay in monthly instalments.
Save an extra $40 by ordering both.

Plenty of good stuff for those who have the patience
to plow through 41+ CDs


(out of 5 notes)

rating 4.5

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