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What are the 3 biggest problems when transcribing music?

  1. The tempo of the music you're trying to transcribe is too fast
  2. The key is too high or too low
  3. Instruments and/or vocals are too difficult to hear

Well, good news! You can easily solve all those issues with a piece of software called "TRANSCRIBE" .

It is the greatest assistant to music transcription! Here is why:

  • You can manipulate the tempo and key with a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Loop difficult sections to automatically play them over and over.
  • Divide the song into easy to understand beats, bars or regions by inserting markers.
  • Adjust the volume level of instruments (like the bass) or vocals within reason, depending on how the piece was recorded.
  • Get an indication of key and chords as the music is playing.
  • Instantly download "Transcribe" free for 30 days or buy it for only $US39.
Make transcribing music a breeze
and check out "Transcribe":

"Transcribe" - Review

video courtesy of "Wallimann"

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"Transcribe" - Learn Tunes

video courtesy of "tradlessons"

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"Transcribe" - Used With Guitar Video

video courtesy of "riorimer1966"

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This next video shows how to transcribe music with the help of a free piece of software called Audacity.

Transcription Technique


video courtesy of "creativeguitarstudio"

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Be smart about transcribing music and get "Transcribe" free for 30 days!
Download "Audacity" free from here!

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